Sunday, December 26, 2004


Just a random rant to see if I can get this blog thing going again. Am on holiday in Oz from holiday in NZ. Spent a week in Sydney which is best described by the following links: 1 2 3, then took a 12hr bus trip (flew by somehow) up to Woodburn to see the rellies. Spent a very pleasant Xmas with them, living life at a very sloth pace, with many tinnies, and shrimps and steak and kebabs on the barbie. Have done some very successful surfing. (Success = not drowning). The water is lovely and warm tho.

Tunes of the Moment:

Led Zeppelin
The Girl I love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
Some sort of unfinished out-take type thing. Probly just a throwaway thing for them. Crap production so you can hear what they're all at: Fierce riffing, a vocal to match, an incredible groove, and arrogant fretwanking. Marvellous.

Led Zeppelin
Travelling Riverside Blues
Another probably not very rarity. Very apt. I'm travelling. And by a river. Tis real neat cos the first time round this nice slide phrase is played really sketchily. Then drums and bass come in and it's all suddenly perfect. And stays that way. Lyrics are all the usual bollocks about evil ladies, lemons, riders and stuff. Evil lemons? In case yer falling asleep towards the end, John Bonham keeps doing something impossible with a bass drum pedal to remind you not to be so stupid. A brummie also appears from nowhere inviting you to "come in my kitchen". Surreal.

Bob Dylan (Makes suprise appearance)
Buckets of Rain / If You See Her, Say Hello
What a truly expert sulker.

Sixto Rodriguez
This is the best tune ever. Ever. Apart from some others maybe.

I wrote something evil at Sorry Jack, we love you.