Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Spooky Fiine Art Coincidence

When I first moved into Raleigh Park Road I (supervised while Scatch and Soph) painted my room a lovely shade of brown. This went very well with the brown flowery duvet cover, and orangey-brown sheepskin rug donated by my Ma. Soph made some fine cushions with bold 70's print, and dyed some curtains a nice shade of...

All that was needed to finish this masterpiece of interior design was some fine art. I set my heart on a particular painting by Tretchikoff but could not find it.
Last week when I returned to my dorm at the Brown Kiwi Backpackers, who should have appeared on the wall but...

Chinese Girl

Friday, July 23, 2004

Tunes of The Moment

Lemon Jelly - Rambling Man
An obvious choice.  Samples of some posh bloke reciting list of placenames over tunes which can only be described as 'floaty'.  There's a great bit where it sounds like it's going to do something, then doesn't, which turns out to be better than if it had done something.

Bob Dylan - To Ramona
Bob, what are your songs about?
"Some of them are about 3 minutes, some of them are about 5 minutes"
(Seems to have overlooked 'Desolation Row').

I think this one's about talking to a lady called Ramona, who's sad.

Bill Gates is Rubbish

Not the most original statement, but the computer crashed just cos I wanted to look at a picture of some grapes.

Rambling Man

Oooh @ night

That's where I live now.  It actually looks like that.  The big tower in the middle is the Skytower.  It was the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere,  but then the Aussies built Centrepoint in Sydney.  The Kiwis didn't like to be outdone, so they added a bit to the top of their tower.  So now it's the tallest again.  Foolish.  You can pay lots of money to jump off it attached to a wire.  Foolish.

Started off in 600 bed hostel in centre of town which was 'functional'.  Had a few raucous nights there, but after the 'locking self out of room and getting stuck in lift in pants' incident I decided to find more sedate surroundings.  Am now staying in The Brown Kiwi which is in a nice suburb,  just a stroll from town.  Tis nice to be able to cook own food (supermarket is full of good stuff - a fine range of hommous!)  and lounge around.  Hope to stick around and get a job for a few months, then hit the road in November when the weather should be better - its a bit chilly at the mo.  The Great Dan Bashford may be visiting!  Am thinking of buying a car or camper - but must get job first.
Am waiting to get on ferry to go to Waiheke.  Tis an island about half an hour away, but is aparrently a couple of degrees warmer.  The perfect climate for growing:

Some nice olives, yesterdayand Some nice grapes, yesterdayOh Yes!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Rence Arrives in Auckland

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hey Kids!

Welcome to my blog. It is likely to contain the same old stuff I always talk about and maybe a bit about me travels. Feel free to not read it. Feel free to leave rude comments. Cheers!