Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Road Trip

Bertie, yesterday
Had an excellent couple of weeks touring the North Island with Big Dan. I don't know where to start describing it, but you can read all about it in Dan's words. I did attempt some photography along the way. If you want to see beautiful scenic shots try this link . If badly-composed pictures of oversized fruit and veg are more your thing, try this one, then click the "Slideshow" button. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rainy Days and Mondays Cancelled for Two Weeks

Hey Kids! The database job has fried my brain and left me with a compulsion to make lists with tickboxes, and an irrational need to listen to The Carpenters. High time for a HOLIDAY! Have two weeks off and The Great Dan Bashford arrives on Tuesday.

The monster van has had a ridiculously expensive service, and is booked in for a ridiculously expensive temperature gauge repair on Monday. It now features custom-made curtains in suitably horrible orangey-browny-yellowy fabric, and a brown velour sofa bed. Just needs nasty carpet.

Hope get out of Auckland sharpish and have a little jaunt around the North Island, taking in glow-wormy caves, hot springs, a bit of walking and maybe rafting and things. Tis all dependent on cash, hangovers and van reliability tho.

If Dan’s got a camera, I might be able to post some pics.


Karen and Richard, yesterday

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Crap Joke

Did you hear about the thieves who stole a calender?
They got 6 months each!